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Would it benefit you to discover a way to change, where the change was positive and lasting? Would it be of any interest to you if you had an action plan for the life you will love? Would it be useful to be able to say “No!” to problems, excuses or procrastination?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a one-on-one solution focused, outcome orientated, collaborative partnership where you and your Coach spend time focusing on just you – you, your life, challenges, skill levels and dreams. With this focus on you and your personal development, you will experience having someone there who believes in you, listens to you, doesn’t judge you, and totally supports you. You will develop holistically in that you work not only with your mind, body, actions, and behaviours, but also with your feelings, beliefs and higher levels of your mind.
The heart of Coaching is about choice. It’s about choices in your life and making those choices. 

You may choose to work on your vision, values, and your own life agenda so you live with and on purpose. You may decide to move away from your current stressors in your life. Or focusing on co-creating, with your Coach, your own new way of living with the frames of mind and beliefs that enhance your every day experience would be your outcome.
You may prefer to close the gap between what you know and what you do. Or to create a higher and more skilled performance in an area you are passionate about (like sports performance, writing a book, etc.) or within your career (i.e. managing, customer service, sales, being creative etc). Or you may wish to focus on taking steps to remove those things that worry you in your life. Perhaps you’d like to become and feel masterful in mind, emotion, body and spirit. You may even opt to concentrate on overcoming any obstacles or excuses holding you back.

At 52 Kingfisher we have Telana of Inner Coaching.  She is a dynamic transformational Personal Coach who helps talented people have no regrets in life by having the conversations that count.  She does this by helping them have meaningful conversations that they need to have, focusing on developing the areas of communicating and relating. 


Inner Coaching

 Is Coaching for me? Where do I start?

>>Read more about if you are ready for coaching here: 
And then begin with a Readiness Session to learn more about coaching, and experiencing coaching, and get to know your coach Telana. If you are comfortable with her and decide coaching is for you, the journey of discovery will begin, and what a journey!
>>More info on the Readiness Session here: 

Benefits of Coaching

Whatever aspect of yourself you choose to develop, there are a number of benefits you will experience:
•    You’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat, having the power over and responsibility for your life.
•    By receiving clean, pure, sensory-based feedback you will see yourself as you are right now, enabling you to discover what you want to change about yourself, and from there the steps to take.
•    You’ll discover your hidden potentials and ways to unleash them.
•    You can experience an expanded awareness and explore the corners of your mind, leading to greater understanding of yourself and how to run your own mind, to your advantage.
•    After deepening your learnings, you'll look at finding ways to implement this knowledge in daily life.
•    You'll notice your performance improve, and thereby your quality of life will be enhanced.
•    You'll solve problems on your own and deal with them when they first appear.
•    By owning responsibility for your actions, you’ll be proactive in taking the initiative, in taking action.
•    You'll be actively working on your strengths, your creativity, your passion, your self-discipline.
•    You'll develop the power to self-coach, self-direct and self-motivate, and hence become independent of (and not dependant on) your Coach. It all depends on what you choose.

When would a person have a Personal Coach?

Some situations where having a Professional Coach, Executive Coach or a Communication Coach would be of benefit include:
•    When, as an Executive, you need to juggle many things at one time, and still inspire and lead your co-workers
•    When handling transitions in life or at work
•    When you need clarity and intentionality in making a decision
•    When you feel a need to improve your communication skills at work, or within personal relationships
•    When you want to develop and enhance your skill and behaviour, and reinvent yourself
•    When connecting with your internal resources to unleash and maximise your potential
•    When you would like to increase your self awareness, by going above and beyond your thinking, communicating, behaving and feeling and thereby developing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and even your Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)
•    When your motivation is down and you’d like to become aware of your highest intentions and bring them into your everyday activities and become self motivating
•    When you feel that your life is imbalanced, and you are focusing on only a few areas, neglecting other parts of your life, and you want to find some balance
•    When you want to overcome something that is holding you back, and you haven’t been able to triumph over it yet, such as limiting self beliefs, procrastination or holding back from expressing yourself.
If you find any of the above benefits useful to you, you can consider a personal coach.

>>Learn more about our Personal and Communication Coach, Telana Simpson, here: 

Contact an Inner Coach

Telana Simpson- Communication & Personal Coach

Telana is a dynamic transformational Personal Coach who is passionate about making a difference through coaching individuals. She has a diverse background in the e-commerce industry, the quick service food sector, and the cycling industry.
Download a PDF of an overview of Telana’s speciality coaching here. (download PDF called Inner Coaching with Telana Simpson -Overview)

Some of her programmes she offers include:
•    Coaching for Excellence Programme (download PDF called Coaching for excellence Programme)
•    I LOVE my life! Personal Coaching Programme (download PDF called I LOVE my life – provate life coaching programme)

Read about the different Coaching Programmes she offers here:

Contact Inner Coaching to book your one-on-one Readiness Session for you to experience Coaching and establish whether it is right for you. In this 1½ hour session, Telana will explain more about Coaching, you’ll both be working out what you want to change or develop, and you’ll discuss a framework for achieving those goals. 

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