Kettlebell training is an alternative to regular weight training, making use of the Pilates principles of muscle function and control. Taught in Russia by strength and fitness expert Pavel Tsatsouline, he uses this method to train members of the CIA and SWAT and helps Olympic athletes excel in their training.

Internationally Recognized

Through use of plyometric training, often called stretch shortening drills, which stimulates the proprioceptors, which increases the excitability of the neuromuscular system, this method of training will build speed and strength, while increasing joint mobility.

Kettlebell weight lifting has been internationally recognized and trained throughout the world for decades, and its two most competitive exercises are the ‘Two Kettlebell Jerk’ and ‘One Kettlebell Snatch’; performed in that order for ten minutes each. The competitor with the highest overall score wins. In recent years, kettlebells have become popular amongst athletes, especially mixed martial artists and those in the entertainment community.

Where do you begin?

It is recommended that your first Kettlebell Training session be a private one, that is, a one-on-one session with an instructor. This class will introduce you to the apparatus, give you an idea of where your body is in terms of strengths and weaknesses and allow you to formulate personal goals. After your first private session it will be up to you and your instructor to decide if you are ready to move into a duet or a semi-private (group) session or need to take a few more private sessions.

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